What Are The Health Risks Hookah: Side Effects Of Hookah Smoking

Hookah has become today’s hottest trend among party aficionados. Whether it is a birthday party or a first date with a girlfriend, youngsters opt for hookah lounge instead of traditional coffee shop or a cuisine restaurant. Basically a hookah is a metal instrument used to smoke specially flavored tobacco. Hookah has originated from India and Persia. It has been used since centuries.

In olden days hookah was also known as narghile, shisha, and goza and people who had resources and leisure time were more addicted to hookah. In recent times, hookah has become popular in many countries including United States.

Many hookah parlor outlets have opened in United States, since it has gained its popularity among the youth.

Typically, a modern hookah consists of head, metal body, water chamber, hose with one end attached to the mouthpiece and other to the metal body. Smoke from the heated tobacco placed in the head, passes through water into the rubber hose when inhaled through mouthpiece.

Negative Health Effects Of Hookah Smoking

Many people have turned towards hookah, as they believe it to be a safe substitute for cigarette smoking. Contrary to this perception, reports on hookah health risks may make you think twice before visiting a hookah café.

Following are some of the health risks of smoking hookah in perspective of cigarette smoking.

  • According to centre for disease control and prevention (CDC), water pipe smoking can be as addictive as cigarette smoking, because it delivers same quantity of nicotine, rather more than cigarette puffs.
  • Hookah smoking poses similar health risk as cigarettes, such as heart attack, cancer of lungs and mouth, besides stroke and respiratory diseases.
  • There is a misconception that water in the bowl filters the toxic ingredients present in tobacco smoke. Instead, large amount of smoke is inhaled in one session as compared to cigarette; this may be more detrimental to the health.
  • The health risk increases many folds due to the use of charcoal to heat tobacco. It increases the level of carbon monoxide and other carcinogens. Carbon monoxide mixes in the blood which causes severe risk to the health. Along with carbon monoxide several other heavy metals are also present in the smoke.
  • Chances of infectious disease increases as hookah is shared by many people during a session.

According to the CDC, it has been concluded that smoking hookah can lead to nicotine dependency. It can also expose the young children to more toxic substances and cancer causing agents. The tar and heavy metals can be detrimental to the lungs and may permanently damage the lung tissue. Smoking hookah regularly can lead to secondhand smoke, which remains unknown among many people. It has also been noted that incidences of high blood pressure and heart related illness such as coronary artery disease is similar to cigarette smoking.

Side Effects Of Hookah Smoking In Men And Women

There are many women who are addicted of smoking hookah. They use special tobacco or herbal molasses. Even inhaling smoke from herbal molasses may have side effects. If a pregnant women smokes hookah regularly, her baby may have low birth weight. The child is more susceptible to respiratory illness. Hookah smoking may increase the risk of infertility in a woman.

Similarly hookah smoking in many reduces sperm counts on account of tobacco toxicity. It may also affect the lungs and heart. Respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis and chronic obstructive lung disease may be observed more in men who smoke hookah, compared to non smokers. Throat and lung cancers are common among men who smoke hookah.

After reading the above facts, you may shed your illusion regarding hookah being a better alternative for cigarette. It is the right time to stop smoking hookah as the white fumes may turn the life into dark ashes.

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