Herbal Cigarette Health Risks: Benefits of Smoking Herbal Cigar

There are several health effects that are brought about by herbal cigarettes. The risks happen to patients who smoke. This is whether they smoke a tobacco cigarette or herbal ones.

Side Effects of Herbal Cigarettes

Some of these are severe medical conditions that need treatment. These include:

  • Severe Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions that appear when using herbal cigarettes are mainly caused by the herbs and other substances that are used as ingredients. There have been recorded cases wherein patients have been rushed to emergency rooms of hospitals because of severe allergic reactions to this kind of cigarette.
    The symptoms of the allergy may attack gradually or can happen immediately or right after inhaling smoke. The symptoms that may be experienced can start from rashes and can end up in poisoning.
  • Cancer, Lung and Heart Diseases: Smoke that enters the lungs has tar and harmful chemicals which can destroy cells and tissues of the lungs and the heart. When tar accumulates it can result in blockages in the heart and the lungs that would lead to harmful diseases associated with the two organs. The substance that comes in with the smoke can also promote growth of cancer cells which will lead to developing cancer.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Smoking herbal cigarettes can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause death. When the gas accumulates in the body, it can cause asphyxiation, coma, severe damage to nerves, and paralysis. For pregnant patients who smoke, even if these are herbal cigarettes, the life of the fetus will be greatly affected since oxygen is deprived.

Health Benefits of Herbal Cigar

  • Compared to common tobacco cigarettes, herbal ones are safer and are considered as a much healthier option.
  • One of the best benefits that herbal cigarettes can give is eliminating addiction to nicotine and tobacco for chain smokers. When addiction is eliminated, there is a big possibility that the habit of smoking will cease.
  • There are some herbs that are used as ingredients in making herbal cigarettes that can treat certain diseases and promote good health.
  • Herbal cigarettes have been popular in promoting quality of voice and also have been proven to soothe sore throat.
  • The herbal ingredients that are used enhance proper functioning of the digestive system which in turn prevents digestive disorders.
  • Most often times, mental and physical health of a patient that smoke herbal cigarettes are not affected. In fact, it can help patients feel calmed and relaxed since the herbs have a nice and soothing effect on the nerves.

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  1. Leslie said:

    I have been smoking herbal brand cigarettes for about 3 months now and have quit smoking regular cigarettes. Now I want to stop them also. I am having a hard time breathing with any excretion. What should I do? I want to keep smoking the herbal ones if I can find out that my breathing problem is caused by something other than the herbal cigarettes.

    April 12, 2017

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