Facts Of Electronic Cigarettes: Risks And Effects On Health

Among all the addictive substances, cigarette smoking is the most dreaded addiction that mankind has ever known. Its health hazard has no limitations or boundaries. Rich as well as poor are equally affected with its side effects. A person who smoke’s the killer stick not only has a risk of dying prematurely, but he also harms the people around him with passive smoke.

To quit cigarette smoking permanently is the greatest herculean task; it is very difficult for a person even if he tries to quit willingly. Recently electronic cigarette has attained popularity as a one of the product that helps many people who want to stop smoking.

Proponents of E cigarette claim that it gives the same feeling as smoking a tobacco filled cigarette, but without the side effects of tobacco. The nicotine filed in E cigarette does the trick.

Facts About The Electronic Cigarette

However, researchers and scientist are not completely convinced with this claim. Its risk to health still remains a subject of debate. Let us know the facts of an electronic cigarette and its effect health.

  • E cigarette is manufactured in variety of shapes and size. It looks similar to traditional cigarette, pipes and cigars, but in the incarnated electronic form.
  • It does not contain tobacco but instead it contains liquid nicotine (the addictive substance found in regular tobacco cigarette).
  • The electronic cigarette stick is made up of following components: light indicator, rechargeable battery, vaporizer chamber, a cartridge filled with liquid nicotine and mouthpiece.
  • The smoker inhales through the mouthpiece in same way as he does for normal cigarette. The liquid nicotine present in the cartridge heats up and forms vapor. Person inhales these vapors and exhales them. It gives a feeling of regular smoking but without smell.

Effects And Risks Of Electronic Cigarette On Health

While electronic cigarette seems to be appealing as an alternative to tobacco filled cigarette, there are many health issues that need to be considered. Many health experts are not sure about the safety of electronic cigarette.

  • The side effect of inhaling pure nicotine vapor has not been studied in detail. It can lead to nicotine addiction in young people.
  • The dose of nicotine may vary with each puff. The cartridge filled nicotine is available in various strengths. Nicotine in high doses may be dangerous.
  • The nicotine content may increase the rate of heart attack.
  • Nicotine filled cartridge also contains many other chemicals such as diethylene glycol which is considered to be toxic. It may also contain nitrosamines, which are considered to be carcinogens. Though found to be in minute amount than in real tobacco cigarette, it is not free from it completely.
  • As smoking an electronic cigarette amounts to simulation of smoking a real cigarette, it may influence the ex smoker towards activating his past smoking habit.
  • Many youngsters and teenagers who do not have the habit of smoking, may be inspired and later on get hooked towards tobacco smoking.
  • E cigarette produces secondhand nicotine vapor even if they do not produce smoke. This vapor may be irritating to eyes, throat and noses in people around the smoker. It may affect their breathing. Especially in persons who are sensitive and suffering from asthma and allergies may become vulnerable to it.

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