Lip Swollen For No Reason: Causes And Treatment For Swelling Of Lips

Lips are high on some people’s wish list. They are considered to be symbol of attractiveness; it enhances the facial expressions. Anything which goes wrong with the lips is visible at first sight.

Lip Swollen For No Reason

At times you may find your lip swollen for no reason to be a health issue, yes you are right there may be an underlying condition which may have given upper lip swelling or bottom lip swelling for no reason at all.

Lip Swelling Due To Allergy

Allergy is the condition which may have caused your upper lip or bottom lip swollen for no reason at all.

At the first glance you may not be aware that certain food or allergens that you have come in contact have resulted in swollen lips. The allergic compound can be the food you have eaten or medicine that you have taken for the first time.

Causes Of Swelling Of Lips

  • An ant sting or an insect bite may be another cause where you may find your lip swollen for no reason, especially if it is not itching and if the swelling is either on the upper lip or the lower lip. In such circumstances you should always consult your doctor and should not ignore the condition.
  • The other reason is when you suffer from mild trauma that you may have forgotten while sleeping etc.
  • Embouchure collapse is a condition where you find swelling of lips. This occurs in persons who play wind instruments for a long period of time.

Treatment For Lip Swelling

  • These are some of the conditions where you find your lips swollen for no reason. The reasons are trivial and may require treatment such as rest or local cold fomentation etc.
  • If you suffer from systemic symptoms such as fever, breathlessness or swelling of tongue, you should immediately consult a doctor.


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