Swollen Lips in the Morning: Cracked and Blistered Lips in Morning

Swollen Lips in the Morning

It’s not likely the result of intense passionate kiss from your partner, but some people do wake up during mornings and find they have swollen lips. Although many may think they got the swollen lips for no reason at all, in most cases patients just do not know what caused it. Swollen lips are sometimes accompanied by blisters and cracked lips.

Swollen Lips in the Morning Causes

  • Infection is one of the most common causes of having swollen lips. Although some may not believe it, infection can be caused by a lot of other reasons such as failing to clean one’s mouth after dinner.
  • Another reason for having swollen lips in the morning is from irritation caused by applications on the lips such as lip balms and lipstick. However, such cause may not become pronounced early on.
  • Trauma and impact to the lips can cause swollen lips. Sometimes the swelling does not appear right after the impact but some time afterward.

Swollen Lips in the Morning Home Remedies and Treatment

  • In cases where the swelling is caused by allergic reaction, taking anti-histamines may solve the problem. However, before taking this medicine, it well be wise to first consult a doctor to establish allergy as the cause of swelling.
  • Applying olive oil or Vaseline to the swelling is one of the common home treatments for swollen lips.
  • The fresh extract of the aloe vera plant is also known to reduce the swelling in one’s lips.

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