Sensitive Lips: Causes And Treatment Of Sore And Swollen Lips

Lips are made up of very thin tissue that is easily damaged. They are exposed to everything we eat and everything in the environment.

Causes of Sensitive, Swollen And Sore Lips

  • The main causes of swollen, sensitive lips can be related to allergy to certain types of food, cosmetic products, chemical reaction to an environment allergen, or viruses.

  • Even slight bumps or accidents to the lips may rip or tear the thin skin easily.

  • Herpes simplex virus can produce many small blisters over the lips that swell, inflame, and are extremely painful.

Treatments For Swollen And Sensitive Lips

  • Applying ice is very effective at reducing inflammation and discomfort of sensitive lips.
  • Alternating with hot compresses can increase the blood flow to the area and promote healing as it cuts down on the puffiness. In the process, pain is relieved. Use a tea bag as a hot pack.
  • A paste made of table salt and water applied to the lips can help dry out the tissue and help healing to occur quicker.
  • Camphor and menthol topical agents cool the lips and assist in deterring pain.
  • Stay away from spicy or acidic foods and drinks to avoid aggravating the condition of the tissue on the lips. Stick to bland food.

Lip Sore Treatment

  • Even though the mouth hurts, the body must get the proper nutrients to effectively return the sensitive lips to a healthy state again.
  • Water is important to flush toxins out of the body. Proteins are important for tissue cell regeneration.
  • A solution of turmeric and warm water applied to the hurting mouth works as a natural antiseptic.
  • Be patient. Mouth irritations and soreness take time to heal. This is because we use our mouths for everything from talking to eating. It doesn’t get much down time for rest.

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