Mucocele Causes: Home Treatment, Natural Remedies For Mucocele

What Causes Mucocele?

Mucocele, or mucous retention cyst, is the cyst that forms on the interior of the lip. Although they can be virtually harmless, mucoceles can potentially scar the lip permanently. However, some mucocele causes tend to worsen if not given proper medical attention.

Mucocele Causes

Mucocele results when individuals habitually suck the inner lip because of the pressure placed on the membranes that result to the collection of clear liquid, forming the cyst. The condition is also common among those who have pierced tongue.

Natural Remedies For Mucocele

Mucocele home treatment to reduce the cyst can be done through the following:

  • Rinse the mouth with salt and warm water thrice a day.
    Repeat this for a few days and check the size of the cyst. If you notice reduction in the size of the cyst, continue this treatment.
  • Treatment can also be done by applying primrose oil on the cyst. Primrose oil is also believed by many as effective in lessening the risk of infection.
  • Application of honey on the lips is also helpful in relieving the symptoms of the cyst.

Home Treatment For Mucocele

  • Castor oil has also been identified to be a powerful emollient in healing the bump on the lips. Apply castor oil on and around the white bump to reduce the cyst size.
  • Better yet, you can use both honey and castor oil alternately through the day to ensure optimum healing benefits.

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