Causes Of High Triglycerides: Symptoms, Diet & Natural Remedies

Triglyceride is a chemical name for fats which are found in plant and animal tissues. During digestive process triglyceride from the food is broken down and it is reabsorbed in the intestine wall. It then passes into the bloodstream. High level of triglyceride makes blood thick and stickier. Studies suggest that there is link between high level of triglyceride and heart disease and stroke.

High triglyceride and high LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) are considered bad for heart and brain vessels. Consuming excess of alcohol is also blamed to raise triglyceride level in blood.

The normal triglyceride level in blood is below 150mg/dl.  Between 150 and 200 mg/dl it is considered to be borderline high. Blood level of triglyceride between 200 to 500 mg/dl is considered to be high. And above 500mg/dl, it is alarmingly high.  Fortunately high triglyceride level in blood can be controlled with the help of diet and change in lifestyle.

What Causes High Triglyceride Levels?

  • High blood sugars, liver disease and heredity can be some of the causes for high triglycerides.
  • Obesity and excessive alcohol consumption also elevates triglycerides levels.
  • Poor eating habits play a big part to have abnormal levels of triglycerides.
    A diet high in fat and refined carbohydrates also causes high levels of triglycerides.
  • It sends excess fat coursing through the blood vessels and sticking to the walls. The material called plaque can block off major vessels from distributing fresh blood to all the organs.
  • Depending on what vessel the plaque has accumulated in, heart attack and stroke are real threats to the lifespan.

Symptoms Of High Triglyceride Levels

There are no true symptoms of high triglyceride.

In cases where heredity plays a part in the development of this condition, you may see a lot of fatty lumps under the skin.

These lumps are called xanthomas. Most people who have xanthomas do have high triglycerides. They are often found on eyelids.

Diet And Natural Cures For High Triglycerides

  • Diet alone can make remarkable strides in lowering triglyceride levels. Even just adding a bowl of oatmeal daily will show positive results in your numbers. Along with the oatmeal, treat yourself to almonds, walnuts. Use olive oil or canola instead of the vegetable oils.
  • Switch to more fish like salmon, haddock and tilapia in lieu of fatty and red meats. If red meat just has to part of your meals, choose lean cuts. The fabulous Omega fish oils are abundant in this protein rich food.
  • The Omega nutrients are very beneficial for keeping your heart and entire body healthy. They play an important role in lowering cholesterol too.
  • There is certainly a correlation between high triglyceride level and obesity. Reduce your weight if you are obese. This will certainly help in reducing high triglyceride level in blood.
  • Avoid foods that are loaded with sugar. Intake of simple sugar fluctuate the level of insulin in blood which indirectly is responsible for rising triglyceride level in blood.
  • Stop alcohol completely if triglyceride level is high. Even a small amount of alcohol can raise the level of triglyceride.
  • Regular exercise is an effective way to reduce triglyceride level in blood. Even moderate exercise such as walking for 30 minutes can make a great difference. High Triglycerides Remedies include exercising and walking. You must get that heart rate up and increase your metabolism to stay in shape and prevent serious life changing conditions later.

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