1. M T said:

    My partner has a very bad toe fungus, His toenails are so nasty looking, his feet get’s really smelly at times, I do everything I can to help him with his problem, Can someone tell me what to do, it’s not that I don’t love him; he’s a wonderful man totally, He’s the kind of man anyone would want around them gay or straight, But, it’s just he have very ugly feet.

    November 7, 2010
  2. NS said:

    My toes are moist even though I try to keep them dry and clean. They itch a lot. I resist scratching. I soak them in Epsom salt and vinegar but it has not helped me. I am not a diabetic. What can I do to get some relief?

    September 1, 2013
    • PUP said:

      Often feet remain moist and wet due to excessive sweating in toe and feet. Parasympathetic nerves which are not under the control of brain are responsible for too much of sweating in palms and feet. Fungus survives in moist area and that is the reason for itching and scratching of feet. Aside from the precautions that you are taking, if you are hyper anxious or nervous, try to reduce it by meditations and yoga. Wear shoes that are not too tight. Change your socks at least two times in a day.

      September 2, 2013

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