Is Lifting Weights Good Or Bad For Women? Benefits & Caution

There are many women who think weight lifting makes women more bulky and muscular or it may be dangerous as their body is not designed to lift weight. However, appropriate weight training or lifting weight is equally important for women as it is for men. With correct technique there are several health and physical benefits a woman can avail by lifting weight.

Pregnant women should avoid lifting weight, but a normal healthy woman can take out some time and train herself to lift weight without injuring herself. Initially she should seek professional trainer’s help and learn the techniques of lifting weight.

She should also consult her physician prior staring weight lifts.

Benefits Of Lifting Weights For Females

For a healthy woman suitable amount of weight lifting will be extremely useful.

  • In fact as compared to cardio exercise, resistance exercise is more preferable in the battle of burning fats. Body fat is burnt during and even after the exercise. After weight lifting exercises, the body consumes more amount of oxygen in the days to follow. There is excess of post exercise consumption of oxygen. When the body tends to use more oxygen it has to spend more energy and as a result the metabolic activity increases.
  • Weight lifting increases lean muscle mass. There is proper calorie utilization due to muscle contraction from weight lifting.
  • Weight lifting will help to keep the body in shape. While in endurance exercise both fat and muscle tissue is lost.
  • Weight lifting and strength training exercise helps to induce better quality of sleep.
  • Comfortable weight lifting will promote bone health as well as skeletal health of the woman. It thus is beneficial in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, a common problem in women. Osteoporosis is thinning of bone.
  • Regular weight lifting also reduces the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular problems.

Precautions For Lifting Weights For Women

Although a woman can have several health benefits from weight lifting, in certain condition it may be contraindicated. For example a pregnant woman is advised to avoid lifting heavy weight. This is because there is higher risk of miscarriage and premature labor from strength training exercise during the months of pregnancy.

Lifting heavy weight is also unsafe for a woman as well as men if he is suffering from bleeding disorders and inguinal hernia. There is also a word of caution for lifting heavy weight if the woman has undergone recent surgery such as hysterectomy.

Women are also advised to avoid lifting heavy weight if they have bony injury or some skeletal defects. Older women should avoid lifting weight as their bones are weak.

How To Start Lifting Weights For Females?

All of us in general wish to be strong and confident in everything that we do. Weight lifting exercise helps in overall well being of the body and its performance. However, everyone must follow safe techniques as to reduce the risk of injury.

The best way to know how much weight lifting is appropriate for you is to do the lifts for the number of times that may not make you uncomfortable.  Usually start with 10 to 12 lifts. Together with this learn the correct method of lifting weight. Breathe in and out while performing the exercise. Wear proper footwear so as to prevent slipping.

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