What Are The Symptoms And Effects Of Oregano Oil Overdose?

Oregano oil is extracted from a common aromatic herb called oregano. The scientific name of this herb is oreganum vulgare. The word oregano in Greek means joy of mountain. Oregano oil is an essential oil, golden yellow in color. This oil has wide variety of uses. It is used in cooking as well as for local application during massage therapy. Oregano oil is widely utilized in Italian dishes to enhance its flavor. It also has amazing healing properties.

Although oregano oil has several beneficial properties, excess of oil can be much more harmful to the body.

It can produce several health problems such as anemia, digestive disorders, skin problems etc. Thus before use of oregano oil, always consult the doctor. If you are using oregano oil, you should also know the side effects of its overdose.

Side Effects Of Taking Too Much Of Oregano Oil

Overdose of oregano oil can be serious and sometimes even life threatening. Thus it is important to know the symptoms or overdose of oregano oil before you use this oil.

  • Oregano oil is basically an essential oil. It is in concentrated form. High dose of this oil can cause harm to the internal organs of the body.
    This is because oregano oil contains thymol. If you are allergic to Lamiaceae family of plants such as thyme, mint and basil, you may also be susceptible to allergic reaction from oregano oil.
  • Too much of oregano in food can prevent absorption of iron. Iron is essential for red blood cells. Thus if you are eating food that has too much of oregano oil consistently for many months you may suffer from iron deficiency anemia.
  • Pregnant women should avoid consuming or utilizing oregano oil. Too much of it can cause adverse effect on her pregnancy. Excess of this oil is known to cause spontaneous miscarriage. Women especially in their first trimester should therefore avoid consumption of oregano oil.
  • Oregano oil can cause skin itching when applied over the skin surface in those who are hypersensitive to oil. It is known to produce skin rash, especially if applied alone. Thus any essential oil is mixed with carrier oil for the purpose of dilution. In its concentrated form, oregano oil can be irritating to the skin.
  • Oil of oregano has properties similar to blood thinner agent. Thus if you are undergoing any surgery, you should avoid taking oregano at least two weeks before the planned surgery.
  • Oregano oil in excess can cause hypoglycemia, a medical name for low blood sugar. Consumption of this oil in high doses thus can have devastating effect on the body of a diabetic patient who is already taking anti diabetic medicine.
  • Oregano oil overdose can cause irritation in the gastrointestinal tract leading to cramps in abdomen, vomiting, diarrhea and discomfort.
  • Oregano oil overdose can lead to inflammation both inside as well as outside the body. It can produce tingling sensation in mouth when you consume food containing oregano oil. Similarly if applied locally on skin surface, the oil can cause burning sensation on skin.

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