Sound Of Wind Rushing In Ears: Causes And Treatment Options

The sound of wind rushing in ears is quiet annoying when there is no external environmental stimulus to trigger it. This subjective phenomenon is distressing for a person especially when the sound in ears is continuous. Patient may not be able to concentrate in his work because of this unusual sound in a silent zone. However, the sound is less noticeable when a person is in a place full of external noises, may be in a market place or at his workplace.

In medical terms the condition is called tinnitus. One or both ears are affected.

There are several causes responsible for this abnormal state. Plugged ear due to impacted ear wax, fluid in the middle ear, a blocked nose are few common causes.

It can be temporary or chronic, depending on the underlying cause. For example if it is produced due to earwax, removing it will end the problem. But if the phantom noise is chronic and persistent, patient has to consult an ENT doctor for the treatment.

Causes Of Sound Of Wind Rushing In Ears

Swishing sound of wind gushing in the ears is not uncommon. There are millions of people suffering from this condition.

Although the pathophysiology in many patients remains obscure even after several medical tests, there are several causes which may be responsible for it. This type of sound is experienced by majority of people who have hearing loss.

  • The most common cause is impacted wax in the ear. Several other external causes such as a polyp, foreign body, middle ear inflammation, Eustachian tube blockage or nose block can produce sound of wind rushing in the ear.
  • Perforation of eardrum due to prolonged exposure to high decibel sound or due to trauma can lead to such abnormal sound in the ear.
  • Migraine, Meniere‚Äôs disease, otosclerosis, aortic regurgitation, neoplasm in brain, sinusitis, TM joint problem etc can produce unusual sound in the ear.
  • It can also be a side effect of certain medicines.

Treatment Options For Wind Rushing Sound In Ears

Reassurance is very important part of the treatment as many patients cannot sleep at night because of the abnormal sound. Sometimes the sound vanishes on its own after a period of time without any treatment.

  • In case of temporary symptom developing from physical problem such as wax in ear, removal of wax will alleviate the sound. Usually it is done by a doctor and the method is called syringing the ear. Water is flushed into the ear with the help of syringe. Water is introduced with force of the syringe. As water comes out, it brings along with it the impacted wax.
  • Treating blocked nose or sinusitis with medicines and nasal drops will reduce the sound.
  • If the cause is perforation of ear drum, you have to consult an ENT surgeon. Corrective surgery will help to treat the abnormal wind sound in the ear.
  • Sometimes cognitive behavioral therapy is useful in treating the condition, especially where the cause is unknown.

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