Preventing Infection In Gauged Ears: Side Effects Of Ear Gauging

Ear gauging has become a style statement in recent days although it is practiced since olden days in some tribal communities for religious purpose. For some people gauged ear may be distasteful but there are others who think gauges are nothing but pair of bigger earrings.

Ear gauging is a technique of making the already present ear lobe piercing larger in size. With gauged ears a person can wear different size of bigger ear jewelry which may not fit into smaller piercings.

Some people do ear lobe stretching purposefully, while in many it occurs if they wear hanging jewelry in their ear lobe piercing for a long time.

Whatever may be the reason for gauged ear, one thing is certain, you should take care of gauged ears as it is susceptible to become infected.

How To Gauge Your Ears?

Gauged ears are not instantaneous. The ear lobe is stretched gradually for the piercing to become larger in size. Plugs, tapers, and needle like plastic materials are inserted to stretch the hole of the ear lobe. Usually the size of ear gauge begins with small to larger. The size is then increased by two numbers.

A person has to wait for at least one month before switching over to a bigger expander.

Some people in haste skip the next number and switch over to bigger size plug. Too fast sizing is harmful as it increases risk of ripping the ear lobe as well as infection.

Side Effects Of Gauging Ears Too Fast

Before you start the technique of stretching your ear lobe piercing with different gauges, you have to be aware of its side effects.

  • Infection is the most important concern when you insert a new bigger size of gauge. As the ear lobe piercing is stretched frequently the tissues do not heal as it should. Besides inserting unclean ear plugs may increase the risk of bacteria entering into the wound that is yet to be healed.
  • With infection there is associated pain and formation of scar.
  • The ear lobe may be overstretched than you expected due to excess weight of the gauge.
  • Tearing of ear lobe is another discomforting consequence of gauged ears.
  • Ear gauging is permanent and the piercing hole will remain larger in size even after removing the gauge.

How To Prevent Infection In Stretched Ears?

If anyone is considering gauging of ears, he has to remember to increase the size of expander gradually. Remember being slow and steady wins the race. Longer the time between switching to larger size of expander less is the chance of infection and other side effects. Here are some important steps to prevent infection and hasten healing.

  • Cleaning is an important part of treatment after considering ear gauging. Wash your ears with antibacterial soap daily while taking bath. Remove the jewelry and clean the ear with soap and water. Also clean the ear piercing with soap water and wash the area after few minutes. Make sure to dry the ear as well as the piercing site with clean towel before wearing the jewelry.
  • Sea salt water is extremely useful to prevent and treat ear gauge infection. Sea salt is a natural antibacterial agent. It thus helps in healing gauged ear. Prepare one cup solution of warm water and one teaspoon of sea salt. Place the gauged ear lobe in the solution or wash the area with this solution two times in a day.
  • It is also important to clean the jewelry with warm water or rubbing alcohol. It helps to flush off bacteria and dead skin cells that are latched on the jewelry.
  • If infection has set in, wash the ear lobes with sea salt solution. Dry the area and apply antibacterial solution. Follow the process daily till the ear gauge heals.

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