What Is Yo Yo Dieting And Why Is It Bad For Your Heart?

Yo yo dieting is a term used for cyclical weight loss followed by weight gain. Kelly Brownwell of yale university was the person to coin this term in resemblance up and down motion of yo yo. In other words it only means weight cycling. Weight cycle can be loss and gain of few pounds of weight to substantial change in large amount of weight.

A person who follows yo yo dieting initially loses his weight but is unable to maintain the loss for long time. He begins to gain his weight and again tries to lose his weight and the cycle goes on.

Researchers have found, yo yo dieting can have serious effects on health, mainly on the cardiovascular system.

To avoid potential risk of yo yo dieting, experts suggest an obese person intending to lose his weight must exercise regularly and follow a healthy dietary pattern.

What Is Yo Yo Dieting Why Is It Bad For You?

There are various causes for yo yo dieting. But the most common reason for it is extreme intake of low calorie food. In the beginning the person on such diet may feel happy because of weight loss. It occurs due to severe control in intake of food.

However, this may not prolong and at certain point of time the self imposed limitation in diet may cause depression and fatigue in the person. Hence he will not be able to sustain such diet for long time and starts to eat again according to his old habit. On the contrary, the person starts eating more than what he was eating before he began to diet. This will ultimately lead to rapid weight gain. Person starts to put on weight especially fat build up in the body.

Why Is Yo Yo Dieting Bad For Your Heart?

Certain studies suggest that yo yo dieting has many health consequences, particularly affecting the cardiovascular system, because in yo yo dieting the weight that is gained is mostly because of increase in fat content. Especially among patients who are suffering from coronary artery disease, rapid losing of weight and regaining it back can lead to severe trouble such as heart attack and stroke.

These persons have greater risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol; both are potential risk factors for stroke and heart attack. According to some studies among post menopausal women, those who lost and gained more than 5 to 10 kilo had about 3 to 4 times higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest as compared to women whose weight had remained stable. Besides losing and gaining weight has a psychological effect such as depression.

Although yo yo diet is not considered to be good for health, there is no concrete evidence that it has certain bad effects on health. However, the diseases associated with obesity are obvious and well established which may include hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. At the same time every obese individual does not have the same concerning risk of disease.

Actually the location and amount of fat storage in the body, besides family history plays a determinant role in increasing the risk of cardiac ailment. According to experts even 10 percent of weight loss in adult obese over a period of 1 year can drastically improve his health.

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