Why Eat So Much Fruit If It Has More Sugar Than Chocolate?

The world health organization suggests that everyone should try and eat at least few portions of different types of fruits every day. In fact one of the reasons why people vaunt Mediterranean diet is because it includes lot of fruits, which is good for overall health. Of course fruits are rich in sugar, but it is natural sugar. High fiber and low fat in fruits content is an added advantage.

This makes fruits a healthier eating choice as compared to chocolates and sweets which has added sugar and fat. A portion of fruit accounts for a single piece of fruit; for example a single apple or an orange or a cupful of smaller fruits such as cherries or grapes or a 200 ml glass of pure fruit juice.

Benefits Of Eating Fruits Over Chocolates

There is no secret about fruits having plenty of health benefits. People who include fruits in their daily diet are less likely to suffer from diseases such as heart ailments, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease etc. This is because fruits provide various types of nutrients that will help to fight infections besides repairing the damaged cells.

Let us know the health benefits of fruits:

  • Fruit is low in calories so if a person is trying to lose weight, including it in the diet regimen will be an excellent food choice.
  • Fruit is low in fat content and sodium, thus it is beneficial to keep blood cholesterol low.
    Eating fruit is useful for people having hypertension and high serum cholesterol.
  • Fruits are rich source of antioxidants such as bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Both these elements help to fight degenerative diseases such as heart complaints, cancer etc. Fresh fruits provide most of the daily requirement of vitamin C, especially certain citrus fruits such as orange, grapefruit, lemon, mango, kiwi fruit, strawberry and raspberry etc.
  • Most fruits are rich source of fiber content. It contains both soluble and insoluble fibers. Although fruit contains natural sugar, the fiber content slows down the absorption process, hence it reduces sudden spike of blood sugar which usually occurs after eating chocolates and sweets.
  • Fruit is also rich in certain minerals such as potassium. For example bananas have high amount of potassium. The action of potassium in the body is to regulate blood pressure. Together with sodium it keeps fluid balance in the body.

Effects Of Eating Chocolate On Our Health

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types which many people eat as an instant lift when the energy is low. This is because it contains sugar and certain other substances such as caffeine. The sugar that is found in chocolate is added refined sugar. Although chocolate has some amount of nutritional value it contains high amount of fat and calories which can contribute in weight gain if consumed in excess.

Added refined sugar in food has many bad effects on overall health such as tooth carries, weight gain, and rise in cholesterol level. Chocolate are made in two varieties generally, dark and milk chocolates. Dark chocolates are much healthier than milk chocolates as they contain fewer amounts of sugar and fat as compared to milk chocolates.

From the above facts it is better to eat fruits as they have plenty of nutritional values as compared to chocolates which have much less nutrition and more of calories. Chocolate must be eaten as a treat, in moderation and not as a substitution of fruits.

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