Why Are Whole Grains Better For You Than Refined Grains?

Grains are small seeds that are dry and hard with or without attachment of hull. Cereals and legumes are types of grains that are harvested for human consumption. There are different types of food products prepared from grains such as bread, oatmeal, pasta, tortillas etc. These foods are made from types of grains such as wheat, rice, corn, barley etc. Grains are important for human body as they contain various vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibers etc.

Whole grain and refined grain are two groups of grains. The difference between the two is whole grain contains entire kernel which is made up of bran, germ and endosperm.

In refined grain the bran and germ is removed through the process of milling. It is done so to give the grain a fine texture and increase in its self life. But at the same time milling removes important B vitamins and dietary fiber. White flour and white rice are two best examples of refined grains. Let us know in detail why whole grains are healthier option than refined grain.

Why Are Whole Grains Healthier Than Refined Grains?

There are many health benefits of eating whole grain as compared to refined grain. After knowing the facts many people have started eating whole grain preparations instead of refined grain products, even though the refined grain flour is whiter and prettier.

  • Whole grains are not polished and hence they retain the vital nutrients such as fiber and proteins. Fiber is beneficial in keeping you full and prevents sudden ups and down of blood sugar level from digested food. Fiber also improves insulin resistance.
  • Whole grains are loaded with vitamins and minerals. In refined grains vitamins and minerals are eliminated in the process of milling. Thus they are deficient in these vitamins.
  • It is found that people who eat whole grain have lesser amount of fat around their belly as compared to those who eat food preparations from refined grain. They also have reduced risk of suffering from diabetes.
  • Eating whole grain products in regular diet is effective in reducing chances of high blood pressure. Whole grain contains an ingredient which helps to block angiotensin II, a protein that is suspected to play a role in giving rise to high blood pressure. Refined grains do not contain this ingredient since the bran is eliminated while during milling.
  • Eating whole grain keeps you less bloated. Eating too much of white flour products or refined grain products will keep you feeling bloated and uncomfortable for a long time. This may occur as these foods may take more time to get digested

Brown rice, whole wheat bread, quinoa, oatmeal are some of the examples of whole grain food. Researchers have found that eating foods that are prepared out of whole grain helps to prevent DNA damage and reduces inflammatory changes to occur in the body.

Including whole grain in the diet may also reduce the risk of some cancer according to researchers. The antioxidants present in whole grain also play a vital role in reducing the risk cancer. Antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of cells and also prevent damage of DNA.

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