Foods Good For Osteoporosis: Diet That Helps Reduce Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the most common metabolic diseases of bone. It is a bone disorder in which the absolute bone mass is less than normal. Also called brittle bone disease, osteoporosis is a silent underlying condition which often remains asymptomatic until a fracture occurs. Women, especially in their postmenopausal age are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis, due to hormonal changes that occur during this period. Post menopause women have low estrogen, a hormone which is known to slow down bone loss.

Even a minor accident makes a person vulnerable for bone fracture if he or she has osteoporosis.

The most common sites of fracture are wrist, hips, and spinal bones. While there are certain risk factors such as aging that you cannot avoid for development of osteoporosis, you can at least curb habits (smoking, alcohol, caffeine) and eat foods that may help to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

A bone friendly food largely consists of calcium, vitamin D, fruits and vegetables. Research suggests that eating more calcium rich food, particularly in childhood and adolescence, is most effective way to prevent or at least reduce the extent of osteoporosis.

Foods That Are Good For Osteoporosis Patients

Prevention or early treatment of osteoporosis is still the most certain way to maintain sound skeleton.

Diet consisting of high calcium foods, moderate amount of phosphorus, magnesium, moderate amount of vitamin D, vitamin K, C, soy protein, exercise, maintaining sensible weight and lifestyle modification all help to prevent excess of bone loss. Below are given some of the best foods for osteoporosis.

  • Calcium rich foods: Calcium is vital mineral present in bone. In fact bone is made up of calcium and any loss of calcium from the bones may make it porous and fragile. Calcium provides structural strength to bone. Milk and other dairy products are full of calcium. The other healthy source of calcium is yogurt, soy milk, kale, collards, almond and almond milk. To prepare almond milk, soak almonds in warm water and mix them with cow milk.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is necessary for absorption of calcium. The main source of vitamin D is sunlight on the skin, but it is also found in certain foods such as fish, eggs, and fortified breakfast cereals.
  • Soy products: Soybeans, tofu, soy flour, soy nuts all contain natural estrogen in the form called phytoetrogen. They are plant based estrogens which have similar action as that of estrogen hormone found in the body. These foods are proved beneficial for reducing osteoporosis in women after their menopause. They compensate low estrogen hormone in the body.

What Foods Help Reduce Osteoporosis?

Aside from the above three foods that contain other minerals and vitamins that help to reduce osteoporosis are:

Magnesium rich foods: Magnesium has its own role in calcium absorption from the guts. Magnesium is found in various foods and the amount required can be met by the food that we consume. Foods rich in magnesium are potatoes, brown rice, sesame seeds, quinoa, spinach, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, whole grains etc. Sesame seeds also contain phosphorus and fiber, and zinc which are essential for bone health.

Vitamin C is essential for strengthening the bone as it contributes a lot in formation and maintenance of collagen a, key substance that keeps the bone strong and prevents porosity. Vitamin C is present in fruits and vegetables. Include them liberally in your diet to prevent and treat early onset of osteoporosis.

Also consumption of alcohol and salt should be limited because they can both hasten calcium loss.

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