6 Food Combinations Bad For Health: Foods You Should Not Combine

Diet plays a significant role in maintaining good health as well as prevention of diseases. The digestive power in each person is different. According to philosophy of Ayurveda, an alternative medicinal branch, having its origin in India and now also popular in North America, health is not just maintained by taking a balanced diet.

There are several other aspects like a person’s constitution, digestive power, taste of food, heating and cooling energy of food, and after digestion effect of food that may contribute to good health.

Certain food combinations are found incompatible with each other and they may produce indigestion, fermentation, bloating, gas, stomach ache, nausea, anorexia, constipation, etc.

Eating such foods can cause digestive disturbance, inhibit enzyme production and result in formation of toxins that are detrimental to health.

While short term consequence of such combinations may clear up without producing remarkable health problem, continuing eating such food combinations for long duration can produce problems such as skin rash, skin dryness, foul breath from mouth, chronic digestion problem, fatigue etc.

Food Combinations That You Should Not Eat

Here are few food combinations that may not be suitable for the body if taken for long period of time.

  1. Bananas and milk: Both this combination of foods is considered contrary and toxin forming according to Ayurveda.
    It is known to cause lassitude and slow down in mental activity. If at all you want to eat banana smoothie, you should add cardamom and nutmeg which are known as stimulant for digesting food. Also see that you eat ripe banana.
  2. Avoid eating fruits after a meal: Many dieticians and natural herbalist advice to avoid eating fruits after meals. Fruits should be eaten on empty stomach, preferably in the morning. This is because fruits contain simple sugars which get absorbed easily in stomach. However, if you eat them after meals, the sugars present in fruits may stay in stomach for longer time than usual and begin to ferment.
  3. Meat dishes with cheese: Normally two protein combinations are not recommended as it will require more energy to digest. For example if you want to include cheese in your diet, instead of meat omelet, eat a vegetable omelet. Digestion of this combination will become easier.
  4. Avoid wine with dessert: The alcohol in wine interferes with blood sugar as it surges the level of insulin. As a result the sugar in dessert is converted into fat. This may lead to weight gain. So if you want to have wine, combine it with vegetables, which will reduce sudden surge of sugar in blood.
  5. Cereal, milk and orange juice: Many people have habit of eating this combination in their breakfast. However, it is known that acids present in orange juice may inhibit the production of enzymes which are necessary to digest starch present in cereals and milk. Also two carbs present in cereal and milk will increase the blood sugar level suddenly. The acid present in orange juice will curdle the milk which will become difficult to digest.
  6. Beans and dairy products (cheese, butter, etc): Combination of two is often used in Mexican food. Combining these foods together often produces gases and bloating of abdomen. Only beans are not to be blamed, combination of items including cheese and beans together may cause the trouble.

Foods You Should Not Combine

Other food combination which should be avoided is:

  • Dates with banana.
  • Jaggery and radish.
  • Sugar and fish.
  • Lemon juice mixed with tomatoes, cucumber etc.

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