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How to Increase Your Metabolism?

  • Improve your muscle mass by doing exercises that contribute to achieving lean muscle tissues. Having lean muscles speed up metabolism because it burns more calories.  To have lean muscles, do weights, pushups, and some squats

When the bowel movements are less than three times in a week, the condition is termed as constipation. The stool is very hard to pass and in small quantity, maintaining diet full of fiber act as a natural laxative food.…

Lentils are plants which belong to the family of legumes and when the seeds get dried they are called as pulses. They are bushy and shrub plant grown annually; the seeds of lentils are lens shaped and grow in pods. …

Diet pills and weight loss supplements have a huge prospective to help shed unwanted weight. This can make them highly appealing, especially if you have been trying to lose weight and have been unsuccessful.

However, the advantages should always be …

In this busy world and in today’s scenario, glucose intolerance in people is multiplying to a large extent, but with greater management skills, glucose intolerance can be brought under control to great extent if the person understands the symptoms at …

Daily requirement of calories depends on a person’s weight and the work he is doing, for an average doing moderate physical activity the calorie requirement will be anything between 2000 to 2500 calories. 500 cal diet plan means 1500 cal …

You may savor the taste of chicken and the delicacies of variety of chicken dishes, chicken sandwich or chicken curry to name a few. But some time you may land up with cramps in abdomen and vomiting, this is the …

6 meal a day menu is crafted to reduce your weight while eating in a pleasant way, rather than to fast and take small portions of food in fewer sessions of three to four meals.

Benefits Of Eating Six Meals

What Is Bergamot Earl Grey Tea?

Earl grey black tea is a blended tea with a distinctive flavor and aroma of oil extracted from the bergamot orange fruit, it is a kind of orange fruit. In western world earl grey …

No carb diet menu plan is synonymous to the Atkins diet. In dr Atkins terms if you want quick weight loss, follow no carb diet. And it makes a sense for this to act, as weight forming carbohydrates are cut …

Rauwolfia Serpentina Root for Blood Pressure

  • Rauwolfia comes in 2 forms. It was first used as a medication by doctors to treat high blood pressure.  Unfortunately, the medication form has dangerous side effects.
  • The natural root of the Rauwolfia herb

Low Carb Diet for Picky Eaters

  • Picky eaters come in all shapes and sizes. Adults and children alike have very specific likes and dislikes.
  • Unfortunately the dislikes far outweigh the likes, so nutrition suffers because only a few select foods

At some point in their life, more than 70 percent of people in their teens may have suffered from acne, the unsightly spots. Acne begins when the sebaceous glands produce excess of oil and pass through skin pores. The sebum …

We have to cleanse our body by getting rid of the toxins that have slowly built up their way inside. It is a fact that toxins are ingested in our bodies regularly through the food that we take in. As …

Lettuce Juice At Night

  • Lettuce is one of the most nutritious, delicious, and beneficial vegetables that anyone could eat. It should be part of everyone’s daily intake.
  • The health benefits of lettuce are tremendous.
  • You just can’t eat too much
Apricot juice health benefits are it gives immune system a powerful boost and fights off the free radical as it is a powerful antioxidant and prevents cancer too.

Rosacea Diet Plan, Recipes

  • A diet for rosacea sufferers must not include any acidic products. This is extremely important to decreasing the flare ups of flushing, or red and irritated skin.

  • Caffeine, alcohol, acidic bottled water, and citrus, must be

Question: does eating spinach daily cause gas and constipation? Is it ok to eat raw spinach as salad or vegetable. What are the other side effects of eating spinach? What are the benefits of eating spinach?

Does Spinach Cause Gas

Natural Anti Gas Remedies

  • Watch what you eat. Several nutritious foods especially those that are rich in fiber and carbohydrates are gas inducing such as cauliflower, beans, broccoli, lettuce, and other poultry products. Avoid eating apples, banana, ice cream, eggplant,

Chicken has been considered to be a healthy option compared to other non-vegetarian food sources, namely red meat.

Chicken Nutrition And Nutritional Value Of Chicken

As per Wegmans Nutrition Facts, three pounds of chicken breast contain:

  • 180 calories of