1. Salina said:

    Management for hair loss:
    A holistic and combined approach is called for, in the management of hair fall. A complete, balanced diet, good scalp hygiene, and medication, all play crucial parts.

    o Keep the baby’s scalp and hair absolutely clean and non-greasy. This is of utmost essence. (Are there any crusts or rashes on the scalp? Is there itching?)
    o Use a mild shampoo to wash hair and scalp.
    o Ensure that the diet is a healthy and a complete one.
    o Give the baby plenty of milk, yogurt, millets, and soups. These are all hair foods. Mashed fruits and vegetables should be given in adequate amounts, so as to provide all the vital nutrients.
    o Porridge made out of milk and wheatgerm will stimulate the scalp, promote good hair growth, and prevent hair fall. A daily serving of this guarantees good hair.
    o A visit to the pediatrician is a must to ascertain the exact cause of hair fall and to take the required anti-biotic or anti-fungal agents to fight infection.
    o 1 teaspoon of gooseberry juice is another very useful home remedy to encourage hair growth.
    o If you can provide me with the exact details of the disorder, (age of the baby, presence of crusts on the scalp, itching, color of hair, change in hair color, oozing in the scalp, dandruff, bleeding, change in any other aspect of the baby, stool, urine, appetite, and nutrition profile), I could prescribe a homoeopathy remedy, which will work holistically, strengthen the immune system, and prevent hair fall.
    o Most importantly, do not panic, hair growth improves with age, but, following a good dietary pattern is critical.

    November 12, 2009
  2. J said:


    I am facing same problem with my baby. She is 7 months old, she has some patches of dry skin on middle of her scalp, her hair looses from side and back of her scalp, but in the middle the growth is normal. Her hair color is black. No oozing, no dandruff, no itching, no bleeding.

    I am giving her roasted lentils and rice, fruits, soup of vegetables alternatively.

    December 14, 2009
  3. f said:

    At birth my daughters hair was shaved according to custom. But now she is 15 months now and he hair has not grown except for a little portion in the front and scattered and tiny pieces at the back. She does not have any infection. I was told to cut it all over again so as to make them grow together, but I am scared.

    October 29, 2010

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