Skin Abrasion In Children Home Remedies: Corneal Abrasion Symptoms

Abrasions are skin wounds usually resulting from scraping or rubbing. They are superficial skin wounds. Abrasions can cause mild oozing of blood. They are painful and sometimes pain even more than cuts. In abrasion many nerve endings are exposed which is why the pain is severe. This type of skin injury is prone to occur in areas where the skin is thin such as in knees, elbow, and ankle. Sometimes even padded areas can be affected.

Abrasions are common in children as they are more active and playful. They may occur while a child has accidental fall on ground while playing or rubbing against a rough surface.

Though abrasions are considered minor injury, they should not be neglected as dirt, splinters and foreign body can be embedded on its surface. It becomes a healthy ground for bacteria to multiply.

The usual treatment for abrasion is to clean it with antiseptic solution and leave it to dry. However, bandage should be applied at specific areas to avoid irritation due to rubbing of clothes. Skin abrasions in children heal within 4 to 5 days. If it gets infected, the healing process may take more time. Usually there is no scar left once abrasion heals.

With infection scarring is possible.

Home Remedies For Skin Abrasion In Children

It is necessary to reassure the child and calm him before any remedial measures are taken. Also look out for other wounds elsewhere other than the site of abrasion. Once the child stops crying, it becomes easier for you to remove any debris, splinter and foreign body that have stuck on the skin surface.

Remove the embedded material with sterilized tweezers. Clean the tweezers by rubbing it with alcohol or dip it in alcohol for 5 minutes.

Thoroughly wash the wound with warm water and soap. It is most important to wash off bacteria and dirt that is stuck on the wound. A bath or shower may be the best way to cleanse the wound. Once the wound is clean, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Apply aloe vera at the site of abrasion. Aloe vera with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps the wound to heal faster. You can apply aloe gel which is available in medical shops or cut aloe vera leaves, extract the gel and apply it on the site of wound.
  • Washing the area with thyme tea helps to disinfect the wound.
  • Calendula is another soothing remedy that deters bacteria from invading in deeper layer of skin. Apply a thin film of calendula cream on the affected area.
  • Keep a sterile dressing if the wound is extensive, however it is not often necessary unless there is considerable oozing of blood. It is best to use non-adherent dressing gauze, the one that will not stick to the open area of the skin.
  • Keep an eye out for any type of fever, pus, swelling, or redness. If that occurs, it is an indication of infection. In such case, the child should be consulted to a physician.
  • If abrasion is extensive and especially if there is dirt and debris under the skin, a tetanus shot may be necessary.

Corneal Abrasion In Children

Corneal abrasion is common eye problem among children. Cornea is a thin transparent dome shaped film that covers the front of eye. It can result from a foreign object in eye or a scratch from fingernail or even while playing with a toy.

The child may complain of pain in the eye after the injury. There is burning sensation. He blinks his eye more often than normal. He complains of pain while looking at light. The child tries to keep the affected eye closed.

Corneal abrasion should not be treated at home though the injury seems to be minor. An ophthalmologist should be consulted. After examination and proper medical history he may recommend certain types of eye drops or eye ointment. Most corneal abrasions in children heal quickly without causing permanent damage.

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