Home Remedies For Juniper Allergy: Symptoms & Treatment Options

For those who suffer from allergy to pollen, spring time is most miserable period. It is in this season several trees release pollen for the purpose of fertilization. Although the job of pollen is good for making the earth greener, for few people it makes their life difficult due to the allergic symptoms they produce when they come in contact.

Ragweed, grasses and pigweed pollen are the chief culprits for causing hay fever and other allergy symptoms. However, there are several other species of trees such as juniper which are also blamed for seasonal allergy.

Juniper allergy develops when the tree starts producing pollen.

Juniper tree is a coniferous plant belonging to cypress family. There are more than 50 species of juniper with a wide distribution in North America. The size of different species may vary. Some are 20 to 30 meters tall and columnar. Other species are shrubs having long branches. One thing is common with any species and that is their pollen can cause allergy among people prone for it.

Symptoms Of Juniper Allergy

Juniper trees are also referred by other names such as cedar trees, mountain cedar, cedar juniper etc.

Nowadays various cultivars are planted for landscaping. Juniper trees have two varieties, one which produce female cones and other that produce male cone. The male cone shed pollen in spring season, usually from early December for three to four months. The female tree does not produce pollen.

Juniper pollen is extremely floating and it is allergenic to a susceptible person. It can cause an array of pollen allergy symptoms such as sneezing, running nose, watering from eyes, itching in eyes, throat, and nose, headache due to sinus infection, fatigue and mild fever. Asthmatics often suffer from a bout of attack resulting in inflammation in lung and airway caused by allergic reaction to inhaled pollens of juniper tree.

Natural Remedies And Treatment For Juniper Allergy

The allergic symptoms such as rhinitis, nasal congestion and sinusitis, running nose or difficulty in breathing can be easily treated with home remedies. Irrigating nasal passages with salt water is easy way to clear congestion in nose.

Homeopathic medicines such as Ars Alb, Nat Mur, etc are beneficial in relieving the symptoms. Running nose and watering from eyes will also reduce by taking over the counter newer antihistamines which do not produce drowsiness. Decongestant nasal drops relieve stuffiness of nose.

Asthmatics feel relieved with prescribed inhalers, which reduce the inflammation in airway produced by pollen allergy. Inhaling steam will open up the airway due to the moisturizing effect of the steam. Add few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water. Once steam begins to form, take away the utensil from the gas. Keep your head one feet over the utensil through which steam is released. Cover your head with a towel so that you can inhale the steam. Breathing in steam vapors liquefies mucus from sinuses and helps to it out drain from the nose.

Contact with sap of the leaves can cause skin allergy. Applying aloe vera gel is useful in reducing itching caused by juniper allergy.

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